Jul 2014


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Jul 2014


This is a common misconception. If you do not collect your debt thenThis is a common misconception. If you do not collect your debt thenthe likelihood of your business becoming insolvent is higher. Poorcashflow is the No. 1 reason most businesses fail and the inability tocollect debt that is due and payable is probably the cause of lack inbusinesses growth in Malaysia.Question? How long should i wait before i contact Delegasi Arif Sdn Bhd?

Answer= You should wait no longer than 90 days to contact us. Thisshould be your mantra every time you look at your debt ledger. The ruleof thumb is this; if you haven't been paid in 90 days then your client isdefinitely experiencing problems.

Do you provide "no collection = no commision" services?

Do you charge money up-front?
We do not charge money up-front.

I am embarrassed to ask for help because my debt is small. Can you still help me?
The only reason to be embarrassedis when you choose to do nothing about it. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

We would normally require contracts, invoices,correspondence and any other pertinent documentation that would be helpful to your claim.

We accept documents by fax and email. Documents sent via email can be in word, excel or PDF format.

How long does the process take?
If your debtor responds quickly and agrees to repay the debt, then you may have your money within a week.