We take into consideration the following factors in assessing accounts:

1)Age of Debt: As a basic rule, the older the debt, the more difficult and expensive to recover.

2)Evidence of Debt: The original documentation or proof of debt may be required.

3)Source of Debt: The underwriting standard of the original issuer will determine the level of recovery.

4)Location: Geographic location of the delinquent may affect recovery.

5)Accounts History: As soon as internal staff has exhausted their resources in actively pursuing accounts, It is time to outsource to us.

The length of period a debt has not been collected is the most important factor to ascertain the success of the collection. Therefore, proactive measures should be taken to collect the debt.

Research has shown that proactive action on debt management promised better returns. A debt left uncollected for a long period of time will reduce the possibility of successful collection.

With this knowledge, Delegasi Arif Sdn. Bhd staffs will act promptly after receiving instructions from clients.