Some Things About Us

Delegasi Arif (M) Sdn Bhd, was established on 16th March 2012 and now a new Management team has taken over the company. The Company's Managing Director is Mr.Harjinder Singh and assisted by Mr.Kalwinder Singh the Executive Director, both have about 21 years of experience each in Debt Recovery field, hence will be able to perform for better collection target.

Delegasi Arif (M) Sdn Bhd is currently using the Debt Management system. This programme is very user friendly and users will be able to understand well. Our appointed System Administrator too provides good improvement to the system which also helps in collection performance.

The company strictly abides by the Bank Negara Guidelines and Banking and Financial Institution Act 1989.


We were facing difficulties in collecting our payments from our debtors and almost lost hope, A friend suggested Delegasi Arif and with their efforts and advise we secured 90% of our debts in 3 months.
Madam Wong
Syabas Delegasi Arif kerana telah berjaya membantu syarikat kami pulih semula daripada situasi kewangan yang teruk kerana hutang yang tidak berbayar.

What We Can For You

Our Services

  • Easing the burden of uncollected debts

    We are aware that most of the companies are having to carry the burden of uncollected debts. The effort to ensure continuous payment by debtors also cause a great concern for many. We understand this difficulty faced by companies and we have the experience and the knowledge to handle and assist you in such a situation and have the abilities to resolve these issues 

  • Compliance List

    - PDPA 2010 
    - IFSA 2013
    - FSA 2013 
    - AKPK
    - Malaysian Consumer Trade & Practice
    - Treating Customers Fairly

Skill Description

Skill Description: 20%


Skill Description: 40%


Skill Description: 60%


Skill Description: 80%