Bad Debts!

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Let us manage and recover your debts with our debt collection techniques we never fail - your best business partner.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional debt collection services to all our clients, whilst preserving our clients goodwill and reputation.

Our Vision

To achieve zero loss for our customers in all their encounters with us.

What's so Special about us?

We understand delinquent customers. We know how to segment them. We deploy different approaches with different customers. We are resourceful enough to do that. Sometimes our role is just to build bridges between customers and their creditor's.


Delegasi Arif Sdn.Bhd has vast experience in this industry and has generated a unique credit management technique. We take into consideration the company's operation method and the cost factor.e comply with both the letter and the spirit of all relevant regulations as follows: AMLA 2001 (Anti-Money Laundering and Anti Terrorism Financing Act).

Our Philosophy

It's true the early bird does catch the worm especially in the Credit Industry. The quicker you act, the more you collect. Let us work with you to accelerate your recoveries in all stages of the credit cycle. "Refocus your resources in all stages on your core business. We can provide solutions to your finance department to process, distribute and following up on all your customers invoices and ensuring customers to be diligent with their credit facilities. Our goal is to relieve all clients, of the headaches of managing any dillinquent customers from start to finish in their credit management process by providing solutions which is cost-effective and proven to improve their cash flow.


Services & Specialities

Debt Collection Services

We are aware that most of the companies are having to carry the burden of uncollected debts. The effort to ensure continuous payment by debtors also cause a great concern for many. We understand this difficulty faced by companies and we have the experience and the knowledge to handle and assist you in such a situation and have the abilities to resolve these issues.

Compliance List

- PDPA 2010 
- IFSA 2013
- FSA 2013 
- Malaysian Consumer Trade & Practice
- Treating Customers Fairly

Account Collectability Factors

We take into consideration the following factors in assessing accounts:

1)Age of Debt: As a basic rule, the older the debt, the more difficult and expensive to recover.

2)Evidence of Debt: The original documentation or proof of debt may be required.

3)Source of Debt: The underwriting standard of the original issuer will determine the level of recovery.